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All homes worth buying should be professionally inspected to avoid major unexpected repairs not noticeable by untrained eyes. Committed to helping you make a decision you can be proud of for years, we perform a thorough Home Inspection service that includes:

  • Entire Roofing System

  • Structural Components (roof, walls, foundation, crawl space)

  • Chimneys & Fireplaces

  • Entire Exterior

  • Grounds Encompassing the Building

  • Water Drainage

  • Windows and Doors

  • Entire Electrical System

  • All Plumbing Components (water supply, drain pipes, water heater, & fixtures)

  • Operation of Heating and Cooling System

  • Insulation

  • Ventilation



There is great value in knowing what items need to be attended to so they can be scheduled and repaired in the most efficient manner. Our Pre-Listing Inspection service goal is to help you learn everything that’s currently wrong with your house so you can price it accordingly and eliminate surprises so you may decide which issues to fix on your timetable not someone else’s.


Never wait until the last minute to find out about any disappointing construction issues. Schedule a New Construction Phase Inspections for your peace of mind by keeping the construction process properly on track. Visiting the construction site multiple times, you can use our findings to prevent problems with your construction team before it becomes too late.



This inspection service is geared toward existing homeowners who wish to stay abreast about home issues not recognizable by the average homeowner.  If it’s been more than a few years since your last home inspect perhaps your home is overdue for an up-to-date inspection. Book our Home Maintenance Inspection to learn about looming issues before they transform into extensive and expensive repairs.



This inspection service includes a double-check of everything that was supposed to be addressed from your home repair addendum. If any issues are still pending, you’ll have this last chance to work with the seller on these issues before you close on the house. Failure to take this step could expose you to expensive repairs that should have already been completed. We’ll perform a thorough inspection to observe the condition of items covered and provide a comprehensive so you may file a timely warranty claim, if necessary.



It’s a happy day to know your newly constructed home is ready to move in. Often this excitement may rush you into making a mistake ass most futur4e homeowners are fatigued at this point from the whole building process. Before you take possession of your newly constructed home lets schedule a New Construction Inspection to ensure there are no problems or construction defects in your North Alabama home.



Too many homeowners fail to utilize their Builder’s Warranty and are landed with a lot of unnecessary and unexpected out-of-pocket expenses. Our thorough inspection will check the condition of items covered by the warranty and includes a comprehensive report so you may file a timely warranty claim if needed.

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Our New Construction Inspection service is provided to lenders that want to safeguard their financial commitment and investment. Our team member will visit the site before each loan draw request and provide security for the lenders that each loan draw is being utilized as promised.

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